Ask The Bashful Core
:o Lizzy?

//>.>’ Wrong character, same admin XD//

I'm gonna do somethin good for ya. Just watch.

o-o Wh-wha?


// goes for both me here and on Simon Darch’s account

//God, these feels


// goes for both me here and on Simon Darch’s account

//God, these feels

Yep. Its Wheatley Notamoron's Admin. Ello! :D


….o-oh my sc-science, the a-admins are taking over m-m-my b-blog. e-e’

Are you getting enough Bird Omega 8 in your diet?

Uh… ah-I…. *blinks in confusion* ….n-n-no? I’m an a-android, I d-don’t need to eat…


…..a-alright, yes, m-my boyfriend i-is a bit crazy… b-but I love him f-for it. S-s-so you c-can back off. I didn’t a-ask your opinion. I l-love him, and I w-will always love hi-him. And i-if you don’t think th-that’s okay, then th-that’s your own s-s-science-damned problem. I d-d-don’t c-care what you th-think. H-he’s the sweetest m-man in the world. A-And I wouldn’t g-g-give h-him up for a-anything.

You seriously have shitty taste in men.



I d-don’t know wh-who you are, b-b-but hiding behind y-your anonymity i-is p-pathetic. I-if you h-have a problem w-w-with m-my ‘taste in m-men’, you c-can take it up w-with me, f-face to face, inst-instead of asking q-questions anonymously on m-my website l-l-like a c-c-coward. >:I

I'll give you a hint. " I AM NOT. A. MORON!" :D


I bet you have no idea who's admin this is. :p

A-a-admins? W-we are b-breaking the fourth w-w-wall again? I thought L-Liz did that enough a-already…

//Why no, no I do not. c:

Why are you with that worthless shit Cicero?


W-w-worthless? H-he’s not worthless!! H-h-he’s th-the most amazing m-man in th-the whole world, and I l-love h-him with all m-m-my circuits… a-and t-to call him n-names like that i-is… is s-simply disgusting!!